Missions at PVPC

In Acts 1:8 Jesus told his followers that "you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."  He taught His disciples that spreading the good news of Christ would begin in their own backyard, their community, and their  city eventually reaching to the regions next door and then to the regions far away.  Because of this, PVPC has sought to support work being done here in Jacksonville, in the state of  Florida, in our own country and to the ends of the earth.

Outreach is an essential part of the ministry at PVPC and you play an important role.  First, we are called to PRAY for our missionaries and ministries that we support.  Pray for their ministry, for their families, for their financial needs and pray for their encouragement. Second, we are called to PROVIDE for these ministries financially.  Your offerings and tithes make it possible to reach people for Christ.  Third, we are called to PRODUCE missionaries to send to the fields that are ripe for harvest.  Consider what part you can play in the outreach of PVPC.  Remember, Jesus said ‘as the Father has sent me, so I send you!’  Some of the greatest successes with which the Lord has blessed our Missions Ministry has come from our short-term missions trips. Over 1,000 people have participated in a short-term trip over the last 10 years. Over the last eight years, we have also sent medical mission teams to the Northern Mexico area almost every year. It has been a genuine joy to see God at work through these efforts.

Consider how you can PRAY, PROVIDE and PRODUCE both here and abroad.  


International Mission Partnerships

Paul Taylor



This work is among unreached tribal people, some of whom are quite primitive.  Since 2004, over 2000 people have come to Christ and 20 churches have been planted.  A boarding school for primary grades has been built and over 80 students now attend.  The missionary force has grown from 11 to 33 and have now reached 5 formerly unreached tribes.  


In 2006, New Life Mission Association, consisting of several Korean-American PCA churches, signed a partnership agreement with MTW focused on the Cambodia church-planting project. That same year, Esther Cho was sent by the Cambodia Partnership to Phnom Penhto begin her language studies. In 2007, the Kim’s arrived in Phnom Penh to begin their language studies, while Esther moved out to begin her ministry in the villages. In 2008, the Knutsons, Christina Thomas, and Jasmine Sim moved to Phnom Penh. Jasmine has been involved in hosting short term teams, developing our field office, and training office staff. The Knutsons and Christina have been focusing on language acquisition, while the Kim’s have transitioned into full time ministry.

Currently the team is leading an English Worship Service at Gospel Commission Fellowship Church in Phnom Penh, teaching at Phnom Penh Bible School, recruiting church planters, Mobile medical clinic outreaches in the villages, teaching/ mentoring medical students in medicine and Christianity in the city, teaching Korean/English in the villages, needs assessment: living in unreached villages for several months to evangelize, develop relationships, and determine local community physical and spiritual needs.

Columbia: Javior Munoz

In 1990, an MTW team arrived in Bogota for church planting, and a pastoral training program was formed. One church was planted in Bogota, and three churches from other areas of Colombia were added to the group. In 2001 the MTW team exited Colombia, leaving a small presbytery and a training program in place. In March of 2007 we returned to Bogota to develop a team and to work with the presbytery in theological training and church planting. We now have five church plants in the country, two churches in Cucuta in process to join the presbytery, and an international, English-speaking church in Bogota.   For more on the work in Latin America go to: http://www.mtwla.org/

Germany: Dan and Iara Pinckney

Dan and Iara recently moved from Italy to Munich Germany to begin pastoring the Bavarian International Christian Fellowship.  Dan has been a movement leader in Europe seeking to raise up national leaders for churches.  Their current work aims at ministering to the world through proclaiming the gospel lovingly and effectively witnessing in word and deed as a body and as individuals, making disciples of Jesus Christ in Munich and throughout the world. To learn more about their work visit their website at: http://www.bicf-munich.org/


Haiti: Presbyterian Mission in Haiti

PVPC has had a particular focus on the country of Haiti.  Several mission trips have been enjoyed by hundreds of members of our church.  Our partnership in Haiti has deep ties and will continue to do so in light of the recent earthquake that has devastated the country.  Special giving this year has seen over $50,000 given to the Presbyterian Mission in Haiti.  To see our involvement in Haiti visit http://www.presbyterianmissioninhaiti.org/ for more information. 


Our missionaries in India have the ambitious goal of planting 300 churches over the next 10-15 years .  The first 13 churches have organized into a presbytery for Telugu speaking people.  The next goal is to do the same and establish a Tamil language presbytery.


Andres and Ruth Garza (Monterrey)

Andrés and Ruth Garza are architects from Monterrey, Mexico. They became convinced of God’s calling on their lives to change careers and work full-time in church planting ministry in northern Mexico. The Garza family moved to Clover, SC while Andrés studied at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte.

Northern Mexico is the region in that country less reached with the gospel of Christ. The Garzas share the vision of MTW and the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico to plant new self-supporting, self- governing and self-multiplying churches in the 27 largest cities in northern Mexico.

Andrés graduated with his M.Div. from RTS in May 2006 and returned to Monterrey. In addition to helping train pastors, church planters and leaders, Andrés is serving as team leader for the MTW team in Monterrey. Ruth’s study in Christian counseling will be a big asset in their ministry.

Santiago Vela (Cancun)

Santiago is the pastor of Shalom Presbyterian Church and ministers to the villages of Vallelidid Nuevo and Esperanza. 
Esau Reyes

Andrew Lamb


Craig and Heather Gahagan

Craig & Heather have been swatting mosquitoes in the Amazon region of Peru since 1989, working under a cooperative agreement between MTW & SAM.  Craig is a missionary bush pilot with SAMAIR (the aviation arm of South America Mission), transporting missionaries to remote parts of the jungle where there are no roads.  A typical one-hour flight can save a missionary two weeks of traveling by canoe and foot.  In addition to his flying responsibilities, Craig also serves as the SAMAIR Program Manager, and is a member of the SAM Field Leadership Team.

As if flying into short dirt strips isn’t “exciting” enough, the Lord has brought an equally exciting work into being through the family’s hobby of motorcycle racing.  In 2003 a small Bible study began which grew out of relationships built through Craig & daughter Whitney’s interest in racing motocross.  It has now grown to a church of almost 300 - thanks to God’s provision of a gifted Peruvian pastor, who is also a former professional motocross champion!  Craig serves as an elder in the church, and he and Heather lead a small group Bible study.  For more on the Gahagens see their website at http://www.gahagenupdate.com/ipage/About_Us.html/


Jeremy and Amanda Ross

The team formed in September 2003.  The three key areas the team is focused on are church planting, leadership training, and mercy ministries.  Our Vision statement is:  The transformation of the city of Lima through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our mission statement is:  To see God transform the city of Lima through the establishment of a Reformed and Covenantal church-planting movement.  Visit their website for more information: http://s1.webstarts.com/limanewcity/index.html

Phillipines: Steve and Deborah Scott

MTW missionaries facilitating Filipino nationals in planting churches in the Presbyterian Church of the Philippines (PCP). 
Currently Church planting and development, church-based residential centers for street children, medical ministries, and theological education.

Vietnam: Khai

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Missions Funding at PVPC

PVPC’s Missions Budget supports our Missions Ministry. Your designated giving to missions, participation in our yearly missions golf tournament and giving to our general fund are our current means of support for missions.  If you wish to support our missions effort, you can make a check out to PVPC – Missions and place it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office. Every dollar given will be used to support the mission programs outlined above.

You can also contribute to our missions work by sponsoring someone who is financially unable to participate in a short-term trip or by supporting the special needs that arise from time to time as we plan trips. If you would like to assist us, please call the church office, and a member of the Missions Committee will contact you.


Below are a list of books that will encourage you as you develop a love for missions.  Please order these books through our bookstore.  All proceeds from our book sales go toward our Bethlehem Visit, our yearly Christmas outreach to over 20,000 people in the Jacksonville area.

Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot, Elisabeth Elliot
A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael, Elisabeth Elliot
Through Gates of Splendor, Elisabeth Elliot
C.T. Studd, Norman Grubb
Bruchko, Bruce Olson
Peace Child, Don Richardson 
The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor, Howard Taylor

Missiology/Church Planting
Missionary Methods: St.Paul's or Ours? , Roland Allen
Eternal Word and Changing Worlds: Theology, Anthropology and Missions in Trialogue, Harvie Conn
What in the World is God Doing?: The New Face of Missions, Ted W. Engstrom
Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel and Western Culture, Leslie Newbigin
The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Leslie Newbigin
Customs and Cultures: Anthropology for Christian Missions, Eugene A. Nida
Message and Mission: The Communication of the Christian Faith, Eugene A. Nida
Let the Nations Be Glad, John Piper
Christian Mission in the Modern World, John R.W. Stott
In the Gap: What It Means to be a World Christian, David Bryant
With Concerts of Prayer: Christians Join for Spiritual Awakening and World EvangelizationDavid Bryant
The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of your Life, Os Guinness
Operation World: When We Pray God Works, Patrick Johnstone, et al
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I. Packer
The Five Points of Calvinism, Edwin Palmer 
The Reign of Grace: The Delights and Demands of God’s Love, Scotty Smith
Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, R.C. Sproul
The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God, Dallas Willard