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A progressive commitment to the Person of Christ


Our emphasis in this environment is a progressive commitment to the Person of Christ (our duty to God). Personal worship and corporate worship provide a necessary foundation upon which the rest of Great Commission discipleship is built. Worship sets the table for a relational ministry environment to flourish so that God is glorified, mature believers are equipped, and servant-leaders are prepared for ministry (Ephesians 5:14; John 4:24). 


  • In this environment the dynamic of up-reach (worship) is our overall focus. Our chief end and purpose as a church is to glorify God and enjoy our intimate and secure relationship with Him forever. We exist to ultimately glorify God by expressing our praise and exaltation to Him in personal and public worship.


  • Our hearts are awakened spiritually by a growing intimacy in a relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer, and the Scriptures. 


  • “What brings joy to the heart, the unbeliever to Christ, blessing to the believer, instruction in the Christian life, and direction for God’s people? It is the exaltation of God in the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer for the glory of the Father.”—Harry Reeder, From Embers To A Flame.


  • Our worship environment (personal or public) is to be God-ward oriented and gospel-centered. The gospel is the good news that through Jesus the power of God’s kingdom has entered history to reconcile us to God, restore our broken lives and to renew His creation. The gospel is “the power of God” (Rom. 1:16) not only for unbelievers but believers as well. The message of the gospel is about God’s work of grace and redemption through Jesus. True worship re-centers our hearts and minds on God, not ourselves. Authentic worship of the living God starts with His divine initiative of loving ungodly sinners first (Romans 5:8). We love, exalt in and praise Him with joy because He first loved us.


  • Christ-centered up-reach results in changed and transformed hearts and lives.

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