A progressive commitment to the

Body of Christ


Our emphasis in this environment is a progressive commitment to the Body of Christ (our duty to the church). Our goal is to build an intentional, relational ministry environment where believers are edified in their faith, empowered for service, and equipped for missions—from belief to spiritual maturity and service. 


  • In this environment, the dynamic of in-reach (spiritual formation) is our main priority. The mission and discipleship strategy of PVPC involves equipping and empowering the body of Christ to use their gifts and talents in the area of ministry, and service to which God has called them.


  • The gospel creates true fellowship in relationships with other believers that in turn creates and fosters mutual love and joyful service. A gospel- centered environment is one where believers become mature and equipped for the work of ministry. The gospel transforms every believer into a servant of Christ.


  • God’s uses the ordained means of His local, visible church for our spiritual formation. We are becoming like Jesus (Romans 8:29) in the context of the church family. One of the best environments for growing in Christlikeness is “small groups.” Our church is a church “of” small groups, not a church “with” small groups. Small groups are one of the primary ways children, students, and adults are discipled.


  • The gospel changes us. The more deeply we believe and embrace the reality of the gospel, the more our lives are transformed. PVPC is committed to helping you become mature and equipped in all the depths of the gospel and its application for your spiritual formation. As you are changed from the inside out by grace, you are more compelled by the love of Christ to know God, His Word and seek Him in prayer that is both humble and confident.


  • This discipleship environment is “one another” oriented (our goal is intentional multiplication; disciples of Jesus make other disciples of Jesus)


  • In-reach (“Become”) results in changed lives through life-on-life discipleship and sound biblical teaching. The renewing power of the gospel in the church results in servants of Christ doing ministry together, it creates genuine fellowship and community—hearts are knit together in Christ.


  • As we become more like Jesus (in character and calling) every day the gospel will faithfully continue to call us to be a church for others—the least, last, lonely, and lost. We’re called to an intentional, kingdom mission of taking the gospel in word and deed to our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers who don’t believe in God.