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A progressive commitment to the

work of Christ in the world.

Our emphasis in this environment is a progressive commitment to the work of Christ in the world (our duty to the world). An intentional, relational ministry environment where non-kingdom people are reached and go from unbelief to belief. We take the gospel in word and deed to our community (the least, last, lonely and lost). 


  • In this environment the dynamic of out-reach is our focus: The mission of PVPC includes empowering believers in their faith to reach and serve the non-believing community and the world by evangelizing through word and deed.

  • Going with the gospel by building relationship bridges with non-Christians and spreading the gospel through word and deed; making disciples that will go to the least, last, lonely, and lost. This environment of “sharing” is all about incarnational ministry; going to wherever non-Christians are in our community. We are not waiting for the unbelievers in come to us—we are going, like Jesus, “to seek and save the lost.”

  • Our outreach environment focuses on ministering to others through word and deed—we share the truth of the gospel and also meet physical and social needs as best we can. Our evangelism and mission efforts are other-oriented through mercy and social concerns reflecting the grace and tenderness of the gospel in practical ways.

  • Gospel-centered outreach and missions through the ministries of PVPC result in transformed families, communities, and world gospel transformation one life at a time. Our evangelism and mission efforts are intentional, on-going, creative, and multifaceted.

  • We believe that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. The gospel is what will transform our community and beyond, spiritually, socially, and culturally. The church’s mission is incarnational ministry into the world. Believers in Christ are called to salt, light, an army, and ambassadors for the gospel.


Our prayer is that God will use the local body of Christ, PVPC, to bring the people of Ponte Vedra Beach and all places where we serve into a life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God through relational ministry.


"...There is nothing more notable or glorious in the church than the ministry of the Gospel..." —John Calvin, Institutes, IV. iii. 3

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