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MTW (Mission to the World)

Paul Taylor: This work is among unreached tribal people, some of whom are quite primitive.  Since 2004, over 2000 people have come to Christ and 20 churches have been planted.  A boarding school for primary grades has been built and over 80 students now attend.  The missionary force has grown from 11 to 33 and have now reached 5 formerly unreached tribes. 


Ken and Tammy Matlack International director Europe serving for over 20 years through MTW. They have two grown daughters. Ken and Tammy started in 2003 Team Berlin, planting churches in conjunction with local evangelical churches mainly in eastern Berlin. 7 years ago the Matlacks started planting churches throughout Europe. One of the most difficult areas is Moldova, bordering Romania and Ukraine, also called the Haiti of Europe. We started to support a church planting project there in 2015.


Andres and Ruth Garza: serving as international director to MTW/ CPI (center for Churchplanting) overseeing all of Mexico. The Garza's live in Monterrey/Mexico where they started planting churches in 2004. They have two grown daughters. They have planted 16 churches in the last 10 years. Mostly in Monterrey (5 mil people), but also in other northern regions like Durango. The new vision is to expand God's Kingdom into 8 Key Cities in Mexico by working together with the CTC (city to city) organization here in the US and all over Latin America. We also support Esau Reyes, who has been very successfully planting churches in Northern Mexico along with the Garza's for many years.


Pastor Santiago Vela in Cancun/Mexico has been a place of many medical and dental mission trips in the past 17 years. Our connection started at the church 'Emanuel' and he then planted another church “Shalom," where PVPC has been a big part of supporting with construction trips and medical mission trips as well.  We created a close personal relationship with him and his wife Mildreth and their 3 children. 


Equipping leaders International 

Chuck Mc Arthur Has been supported for the last 3 years, when he first started out in Liberia. He trains Pastors with the goal to plant churches throughout Africa. We also support Titus Davis, who his right hand on site. He oversees the Bible colleges and other projects like the Bethel Foundation and other mercy ministries in very rural areas. 


His Light Ministries 

Doug McCary: We support his work in India which includes training pastors, evangelizing and physically helping in villages between India and Nepal as well as supporting an Orphanage. Dawa Singye and Johnson are supported by our church as missionaries on site doing an incredible work to serve the Lord. They share everything they own every day and sometimes give everything they have to meet people's needs. 

We also support John Monger. He moved to the US after being in Jail in Nepal for 3 years because he admitted to Christianity. He works at a church in Texas to help his people in India.  


Third Millenium Organization: 

Responsible to further God's Kingdom by translating Bibles in every possible language and sending people to make connections in those especially unreached countries. They work closely with RTS. 


Faithful Servant: 

This is a Missions organization, that predominantly works in Costa Rica and Panama to build Orphanages and also through this outreach will start to plant churches. It has been a popular family Missions location in the past 5 years.


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